Our Expertise

What We Do

Advertising and Marketing

In our advertising and marketing practice, we advise on a wide range of issues including agency-client agreements, talent agreements, influencer agreements, prize promotions, co-promotions, sponsorship deals, use of social media, direct marketing, programmatic ad buying, and agreements with content providers.

Filament currently represents a leading Nigerian digital marketing agency, and handles its transactional documentation with its suppliers and customers, as well as providing it with regulatory and IP advice.

Brand Strategy

We advise companies on the suitability of brands that they intend to adopt for marketing their products and services. We analyse the brands and provide reports on their level of distinctiveness, their similarity with other brands being used by third parties, and their online visibility.

We assist with trade mark prosecution at the Nigerian Trade Marks Registry, filing applications and dealing with any oppositions against. We also file oppositions and invalidity actions respectively against applications and registered trademarks which are similar to prior marks of our clients.

Our Lead Consultant, Chika has extensive experience in trade mark prosecution having managed the portfolios of, among others, a global luxury luggage producer, a multinational payments technology company, and of an American film production company.

Cloud Computing

Filament has advised service providers and customers in relation to the provision of software-as-a-service.

On behalf of a UK technology company, our Lead Consultant drafted and negotiated with a Nigerian telecommunications company, the SaaS agreement for an appointments management system and related documentation including the subscription metrics, support services policy and services data policy.

We are also advising a digital marketing agency on a service agreement with a Singaporean social commerce platform provider regarding the use of a mobile wallet and couponing platform.

Financial Systems and Market Infrastructure Solutions

We have extensive experience in advising companies in the financial services and capital markets sectors with acquisitions of financial systems and market infrastructure solutions. This includes assisting a central securities depository with the negotiation of a software licence and service level agreement for a market infrastructure system. We also have experience drafting and reviewing on behalf of a mortgage finance company, a systems integration agreement and other documentation relating to the acquisition of a mortgage origination system and database.

Our Lead Consultant, Chika was also a member of a committee of a securities trading exchange advising on the development of a platform to enable private equity fundraising and the sale of interests in private equity funds.

IP Claims Management

Filament is expert at managing IP claims, whether assisting with the enforcement of the IP owner’s rights or the defence of such IP claims.

Our aim is to eliminate the source of contention as quickly as possible and in a manner which adequately protects our clients’ interests, so that our clients can focus on their business.

We have successfully defended clients against, and settled, various copyright claims relating to the use of images and music.

IP Licensing and Merchandising

We work with IP owners seeking to license out, and licensees seeking to license in IP for merchandising and other commercial use.

We are currently advising a company which produces memorabilia on its trademark licenses and other commercial arrangements with a major Nigerian institution.

We also advise on good licensing processes including quality control, reporting and record-keeping to protect the value of the licensed IP.

Startup Advisory

Our expertise extends to assisting technology startups, providing them with regulatory advice and assisting with structuring of their business models and drafting the documentation required for development of their applications.

Chika, our Lead Consultant, represented a startup developing a mobile application intended to disrupt the delivery of emergency services in Nigeria. She advised on the structuring of the business model towards achieving maximum tax efficiency. She also provided regulatory advice on the service delivery model, advised on the branding for the application, and drafted the technology development agreement, along with other key documentation such as the agreements with various emergency service providers.

Value Added Services

Filament assists both content providers and VAS providers with the drafting and negotiation of agreements with VAS providers and mobile network operators respectively for the provision of content and mobile applications.

We are familiar with the VAS framework and service level agreements used by mobile network operators and exclusive distribution agreements of VAS providers.

On behalf of a VAS provider, we prepared the agreements relating to the supply of a video-on-demand platform and video content owned by a US company to a Nigerian telecommunications company, which will be provided as VAS exclusively to the company’s subscribers.

Regulatory Advice

We provide regulatory advice on a wide range of issues including telecommunications regulations, consumer protection, data protection and privacy, and compliance with technical standards and product certification requirements.

Chika, our Lead Consultant assisted the West Africa arm of a global electronics company with the launch of a mobile product in Nigeria, advising on data protection, privacy, competition, consumer protection and compliance with technical standards.

We also assist with structuring agreements so that they comply with the National Office of Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) Act and regulations, which govern the transfer of foreign technology to Nigeria.

We are currently advising a Nigerian company restructuring its business and appointing a foreign manager, on the compliance of the management services agreement with the NOTAP regulations.

Technical Services

Filament’s expertise extends to the provision of technical services and the transfer of know-how.

We are particularly experienced in the transfers of foreign know-how to Nigerian companies, and we are able to assist the companies or the service providers with these transactions, including providing advice on compliance of the agreements with the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion Act and implementing guidelines.

Chika, our Lead Consultant, drafted the technical services agreement between the Nigerian Mint and a Swedish Company for the transfer of know-how with a view to improving the printing capacity of the Mint and quality of the currency produced. She also represented a Thai noodle manufacturer seeking to transfer its know-how to a Nigerian FMCG and pharmaceutical company.